Areas of Practice

Business Organizations

For over 65 years, Crouch, Harwell, Fryar & Ferner, PLLC, which was previously known as Cypert, Crouch, Clark & Harwell, PLLC, has been helping family businesses, closely-held corporations, LLCs, and other small businesses in Northwest Arkansas with their organization needs. We also have extensive experience working with local non-profit entities. Learn more about our work on behalf of business organizations and non-profits.


Estate Planning

Our attorneys have decades of experience in estate planning for families in Northwest Arkansas. We tailor each personalized plan to the needs and budgets of our individual clients. Learn more about how our estate planning services can address your needs.


Probate Law

When an Arkansas resident dies, his or her assets must be identified, inventoried, valued, and ultimately distributed. Read more to learn how Crouch, Harwell, Fryar & Ferner, PLLC, help families and individuals through the Arkansas probate process. 


Landlord/Tenant Law

Our firm represents the interests of both commercial and residential landlords in Northwest Arkansas. Learn more about our work in landlord/tenant law.


Commercial Litigation and Transactions 

During our decades of practice, we've developed a deep knowledge of Arkansas commercial law and of the day-to-day workings and needs of our clients' companies.  It's our ambition to be not just the firm that local businesses call when they need a transaction or lawsuit handled, but true partners in the growth of their companies. The life of a successful business involves many transactions, legal strategizing, and inevitable litigation. We are proud to offer our clients the support they need though all of their legal concerns. Read more to learn how we help clients with all types of commercial litigation and transactions.


Family Law

We understand that legal matters involving your family can be devastating to your life and demanding of both your time and energy. Some of the issues that the attorneys at Crouch, Harwell, Fryar & Ferner, PLLC, can help you deal with include divorces; child custody, support, and visitation issues; paternity; protective orders; guardianships of both minor children and incapacitated adults; and grandparents’ rights.  Read more to learn how we can help clients with all types of family law.


Immigration Law

Our experienced immigration attorneys handle all manner of immigration law cases, including Family-Sponsored Immigration, Naturalization, Humanitarian-Based Cases, Removal Defense, and Employment-Based Visas.  The field of immigration compliance within the workplace is also of particular concern to many Northwest Arkansas businesses, and we particularly enjoy working alongside those businesses to ensure that their records and employment practices are compliant with federal law.  Read more to learn how we can help our clients with all types of immigration law.


Creditor Rights and Collections 

We routinely represent creditors in all types of collections actions, including on notes and open accounts. Read more about our work with creditor rights and collections.



When a loved one is no longer able to care for him- or herself, or to manage responsibilities, we can assist the family with the difficult process of obtaining a guardianship for that person's protection. We help with guardianships over persons and property, and, where appropriate, challenge guardianships or the appointment of a particular guardian. We know that this is a stressful time for families, and we offer compassionate, effective legal guidance to our clients.


School Law

Crouch, Harwell, Fryar & Ferner, PLLC, represents a number of Northwest Arkansas school districts, serving as general counsel on a broad spectrum of matters including employment, policy, litigation, special education, expulsion hearings, and insurance issues. We are well-versed in Arkansas and federal education law, and have experience defending our clients against Title VII and Section 1983 claims in federal court.


Banking Law

Crouch, Harwell, Fryar & Ferner, PLLC, represents several banks in Northwest Arkansas, offering counsel on a variety of state and federal regulatory and policy issues. We routinely handle foreclosures and collection matters on behalf of our banking clients.


Railroad Law

Crouch, Harwell, Fryar & Ferner, PLLC, which currently serves as general counsel to a local railroad, has the background and knowledge necessary to advise clients on matters ranging from railroad negligence and personal injury claims to railroad legal issues involving corporate governance, land use, easements, and eminent domain.


Real Estate Law

Our firm handles all types of commercial and residential real estate matters, including purchases, sales, leases and intrafamily transfers of property. We assist clients with issues related to property line disputes, deeds, notes, mortgages, easements, quiet title actions, and foreclosures. We advise clients at every stage of their real estate transactions, and represent them in court should litigation become necessary.


Land Use

We represent businesses, developers, and property owners associations in a wide range of land use matters, including zoning, variance, conditional use permits, special permits, HOA and POA organizational issues and disputes, land use planning, and appeals of adverse land use decisions. 


Whatever your circumstances, Crouch, Harwell, Fryar & Ferner, PLLC, looks forward to learning more about your legal needs and how we can help to meet them. Contact us today at (479) 751-5222, by e-mail at, or using our contact form to discuss how you can benefit from our years of experience.