Family Law

Family Law

We understand that legal matters involving your family can be devastating to your life and demanding of both your time and energy. Some of the issues that the attorneys at Crouch, Harwell, Fryar & Ferner, PLLC, can help you deal with include divorces; child custody, support, and visitation issues; paternity; protective orders; guardianships of both minor children and incapacitated adults; and grandparents’ rights.


It is an unfortunate fact that many marriages, for any number of reasons, end in divorce. If you find yourself at the end of your marriage, you may need an attorney to protect your rights and help to ensure that the case concludes in a manner which is as beneficial to you as possible. Some of the many issues which can arise in a divorce include the division of property, including real estate and personal property, whether acquired before or during the marriage; the division of debts incurred before the marriage, during the marriage, and after the separation; and awards of alimony and other types of spousal support. Whether a couple has been married for only a few years or for several decades, it is important to see your rights in your home, rental properties, businesses, vehicles, bank accounts, investment and retirement accounts, pets and livestock, and personal effects preserved and protected throughout the divorce proceeding.

Child Support, Custody, and Visitation

There is nothing more valuable or important to a parent than his or her child. When your marriage is ending, your first and foremost thought will probably be on issues of child custody, child support, and visitation. Our objective in this situation is to help you help your child. Arkansas law places a strong emphasis on the “best interest of the child” – with this in mind, we can present to the Court all of the facts and legal arguments necessary to establish and protect your rights to your children.


Whether you are a mother needing to establish the legal paternity of your child’s father or a father who wants to legally formalize your relationship with your son or daughter, we are well-equipped to represent your interests. Arkansas law is very particular as to who is “legally” a child’s parent — being on the birth certificate and paying voluntary child support do not create paternity rights and obligations. Legal action is necessary for someone other than a woman’s husband to have the rights and obligations of a father, including those issues of support, custody, and visitation discussed above.

Protective Orders

The necessity arises in some relationships for one of the partners to find him- or herself in need of legal protection from the other partner. In this situation, you may need the advice or representation of an attorney who is devoted to your needs and safety. We will not hesitate to assist a client in pursuing and enforcing a protective order if the situation warrants it.

By the same token, however, there are times when the process of a protective order are misused or abused for reasons which have nothing to do with the complaining party’s safety. If this happens to you, we want to protect your rights, your freedom, and your reputation. From the preliminary hearing through the final order, our attorneys will vigorously defend you throughout the process.


The lawyers with Crouch, Harwell, Fryar & Ferner, PLLC, have substantial experience in dealing with issues surrounding the guardianship of the person and/or estate of both minor children and incapacitated adults. The statutes controlling guardianships have strict requirements of proof, notice, and reporting, and they can be difficult, if not impossible, to take on without the guidance and assistance of an experienced attorney. We are ready and able to provide you with that guidance and assistance.

Grandparents’ Rights

Arkansas law is very specific about the rights to which grandparents are entitled in their grandchildren’s lives. Often, due to a divorce or death, grandparents want to pursue and enforce those rights, and the lawyers in our office are available to provide advice, guidance, assistance, and representation with regard to this important issue in your life.