Landlord/Tenant Law

Landlord/Tenant Law

Crouch, Harwell, Fryar & Ferner, PLLC, represents the interests of both commercial and residential landlords in Northwest Arkansas. Landlords in Arkansas are subject to a variety of legal obligations. Few things are more frustrating for landlords than to faithfully carry out their duties, only to have tenants default on their contractual obligations or damage property.

In order for landlords' properties to remain profitable, they must be able to take swift action against such tenants. We have decades of experience with the specific statutory process through which landlords must go to evict tenants and recover property and damages.

Comprehensive Representation for Landlords

Our attorneys take every possible measure in order to prevent potential legal issues for our clients. With our thorough knowledge of Arkansas landlord-tenant law, we advise landlords of their rights and obligations, as well as strategies for risk management. Crouch, Harwell, Fryar & Ferner, PLLC, helps landlords establish business entities that minimize liability and draft clearly-written contracts designed to avoid needless litigation. Of course, litigation is sometimes necessary in order to preserve our clients' rights and interests; our attorneys are effective advocates at those times.

Among the legal matters we handle for landlords are:

  • Unlawful detainer (eviction) actions for both residential and commercial properties
  • Actions for damage to property or unpaid rent
  • Collections on judgments
  • Drafting and review of leases
  • Security deposit disputes
  • Repair obligations
  • Subleases

We have developed long-standing relationships with many commercial and residential landlords in Northwest Arkansas and take pride in the fact that our clients rely on our support in managing their legal relationships with tenants.

Legal Support for Commercial and Residential Landlords

Crouch, Harwell, Fryar & Ferner, PLLC, offers dedicated legal support and representation to commercial landlords, such as shopping centers and office complexes, and to residential landlords, whether they are managing one rental unit or many.

We look forward to discussing your legal needs and how we can help to meet them. Contact us today at (479) 751-5222, by e-mail at, or using our contact form to discuss how you can benefit from our years of experience.